Month: September 2015

Rachael Ray’s job is safe

Anyone who knows me knows that my cooking skills are…ummm…rudimentary at best. Generally if all it needs is boiled, nuked, or reheated, I’m your gal. But if more skill than that is necessary, you *might* want to consider taking me out to dinner.  For your own good, of course.

Honestly, we do try to eat pretty healthfully here at Casa Barnard. Lots of organic, mostly veggie, pretty simple meals. But then again, with just 2 of us most of the time, there’s a lot of take out too. Usually a safe bet. Spouse is grateful, I’m pretty sure.

But tonight, with only a short treadmill run on the schedule, I figured I would whip up a little dinner. Boil some frozen ravioli, sling up a little salad, good to go. Just like real folks. How hard could it be? Yeah, well…you might be surprised.

Let me lead with the fact that the smoke alarm going off in our house when I’m “cooking” is nothing new. It’s placement VERY NEAR THE STOVE is stupid (disclaimer: we didn’t put it there, it was there when we moved in) so it goes off almost every time anything is being fried, sauteed, or scrambled and raises the tiniest bit of legit smoke. But today was a first. Today I actually set the smoke alarm off while…wait for it….BOILING WATER!!! Yep, please be proud that you know me. The scene went down kinda like this:

I put a pot of water on to boil for the ravioli then headed to the sunroom for a couple of miles on the treadmill while the water heated up. (See what an efficient multitasker I am?) A little while later the sunroom door opens and Spouse pops his head in and and asks if I can hear the smoke alarm going off. Oops, nope…thought it was part of the DMB song on the Pandora station I was listening to. Baffled as to why it would be blaring, I stopped the treadmill and headed to the kitchen to find that yep, the pot of boiling water had indeed set off the smoke alarm. Water. Plain old city water. Kinda makes you wonder exactly what’s in the stuff.

So he disabled the alarm (good thing he’s tall), I added more water, and finished my run. All’s well that ends well, and we did finally end up with an edible dinner. Wonder where my cooking gene ended up anyway?

I’m a bit of a runner

Let’s start by taking a little trip into one tiny part of my being. I’m lots of things…mom, spouse, friend, teacher (not for much longer…but that’s for another post!), animal lover, practicing vegetarian (still can’t dig tofu), gallbladderless (hence the veggie business), chocolate lover, beer geek, travel junkie. And runner. The runner label is relatively new to me. I’ve been pretty consistent in my fitness goals for years…and by consistent I mean I’ve been doing something about them. Aerobics classes and lifting tons of weights in my 20’s (even had the cool gloves and yes, leotards.) Fitness walking many miles (in appropriately ugly shoes) and step aerobics in my 30’s. An unintentional break in my 40’s to focus on the health issues of my kids, but even then I tried to be as active as I could. Back to the Y a few years ago, taking tons of classes and becoming a Zumba instructor. Until…yep, that loud popping sound I heard was in fact my SI joint becoming disjointed. So…I had to find something else. A friend was doing Couch to 5k, and swore to me I could do it. Me. With big boobs and a professed hatred of running. So of course I tried it. And of course I could do it. Not easily, mind you, but I could do it. I was breathless and sweaty and felt accomplished. So I kept going. And going. Until…everything hurt. I got up to 3 miles without stopping, but my hips, knees, ankles…everything hurt. This, I decided, was BS. I wasn’t going to hurt myself, even to be in shape. So I started scouring the interwebs (ok, Facebook) to find an alternative. What I found was the Galloway method. Jeff Galloway is a former Olympian who advocates alternating running and walking as a way for people to run injury free. And it works. I’ve been doing it for about 2 years now. I’ve done countless 5k’s, 8k’s, and 10k’s, I’ve completed 1 half marathon, started another (stupid lightning), and have 2 more coming up. I’m always amazed at what my body can do. I’m really proud of myself, have met some awesome running people, and have even gotten Princess to lace up and run with me (pretty sure she does it for the swag.)

But occasionally there are days like today. Days when running so completely, totally, and wholly sucks that I want to take my shoes (all ___ pairs of them…shut up, I like shoes) and chuck them. I hate days like today. I had 7 miles on my training plan for the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon on Nov. 7. No biggie. I’ve already done more than that this fall for the Indy Women’s Half (the one that got stopped for lightning) so today should have been a no brainer. Left, right, breathe, drink, fuel. But it wasn’t. My legs felt like lead, my chest hurt, my blood sugar was in the toilet, and my attitude was foul. I cried. Well, I tried to, but I know that if I start to cry when I’m running I can’t breathe, my chest closes up, and I start to wheeze. It’s not pretty. So there I was, in the middle of the Cardinal Greenway, trying to cry/not cry/breathe/cuss. My spouse was there on his bike, trying to decide whether commenting on my current situation was helpful or dangerous. He was mostly silent (good choice.)

Eventually (after he left me on the trail to go get me a Snickers bar…apparently I’m not myself when I’m hungry…ha) I wogged/crawled back to my car. 7 miles done at a pace a toddler could have beaten. 2+ minutes per mile slower than the 4 miles I did on Thursday. What the hell? How did my body change so quickly? Where did strong sprinter girl from Thursday night go? I still don’t know, but I’m hoping she’ll come back. I’m not fast in general in anyone’s book, but I do dig it when I do better than I’ve done before. (Full disclosure…I have a *tiny* competitive streak.) I know anything can happen on any given day, and I also know I got into this running gig pretty late in the game. Just hoping that days like today continue to be few and far between, because I really don’t want to chuck the shoes….

Giving it a whirl

Good afternoon, humanity. Going to give this blog thing a whirl. I had a blog many moons ago on Caringbridge to keep friends and family up to speed with Brock and his treatment (and ultimately our family’s attempt at coping with losing him.) But as life continues to change, I find myself with things to say that tend to run long on the Facebook post scale. So, here it is…a space for all my random musings. Follow along if you would like. I’m sure it will be…ummm….interesting. 😉